Resort and Hotel Marketing Services

DSL Marketing is a leading hospitality, tourism, resort and hotel marketing company specializing in marketing strategies; website design; search marketing and optimization; email marketing; direct mail marketing; design services; and hotel printing including rack cards, brochures, postcards, and more. Our extensive experience within the resort and hospitality industry, coupled with our expertise in interactive marketing allows us the ability to develop targeted online and off-line campaigns that will exceed your marketing objectives and increase your bottom line.

We have found over the years that many hotel and resort companies miss out on many resources available to them right in their own backyards, like lead generation from Chambers of Commerce, PRTs, and other such associations. And some of the most important elements of a successful marketing strategy are overlooked, like tracking, analysis, and reporting. With DSL Marketing, we go beyond your guest history and the ebb and flow of the vacation season, and give you a complete marketing solution. One that you know is working for you. We take the guess work out of the entire process.

Here are the many services that DSL Marketing offers for its Resort & Hotel clients:

Strategy & Analysis
Especially in a tourism market like Myrtle Beach, it is important that you faithfully revisit your marketing plan, keeping in account new trends in travel and other factors that may affect your business from year to year. Factors like gas prices, the strength of the dollar, the number of flights in and out of your area, and new attractions and entertainment coming or closing in the area. All of these can cause your businesses to fluctuate, and having a solid marketing strategy and plan will help you navigate these sometimes turbulent waters. DSL Marketing has been consulting resorts and hotels for over two decades, and we can help you in any economic situation and in any market.

Web Design
Arguably the most important element of your sales staff and marketing plan, your website should be doing all the heavy lifting for you, and all your campaigns should seamlessly be driven to that one, all-important source. And with more than 80% of travelers and vacations beginning their travel research and shopping online, it's no small wonder that the website is the cornerstone to any successful brand and hotel business. At DSL Marketing, we can help capture the personality of your resort or hotel property by designing and developing a website that is more than on online's an eye-popping experience.

Search Engine Marketing
More than 80% of travelers start their search for where to go and where to stay online. By optimizing your website (from backend architecture to frontend design and content elements), we can put you right where they are looking - in the top search results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. And to complement that exposure, we can tailor a Paid Advertising campaign (PPC) targeted by location, keyword, and ad copy to get you more attention, more clicks, and ultimately more bookings.

Social Media Marketing
There's nothing more social than travel, and travelers like to talk - about their experiences, both good and bad. It's vital for those businesses in the travel and hospitality industries to join that conversation, and tap into that power of social media. DSL Marketing can help you create a loyal fan base (in the social media outlets of your choosing) by first using your guest history - but then growing it by integrating it with all your marketing and advertising campaigns - from website to direct mail to front desk.

Email Marketing
From transactional emails to hotel deal alerts, DSL Marketing can transform your guest history database into a blueprint for a powerful marketing strategy. By working to segment your list and sending the news, information, and travel deals they really want, we can craft messages that do more than get sent and received. They ignite.

Online Advertising
Of the last 30 years, DSL Marketing has concepted, designed, and implemented nearly every conceivable kind of hotel marketing piece. Though banner ad and online advertising is one of the newest to come along, they arguably are the most cost effective and have the most immediate impact. And beyond design, we know where to put them. We've worked with TripAdvisor, FlipKey, Travelocity, Expedia, Kayak and many other major travel portals, negotiating price and planning placement. We know what CPM, CPC, and CPA works best for you, so you can get the best return on your investment.

Creative Services
Every hotel owner knows they need signage, a logo, a rack card, and some kind of mail piece, but having it doesn't mean it's conveying the right message to the right audience. At DSL Marketing, we know what travelers want to see and read about, from imagery to copy. Our messages are powerful, direct, and they get results. We've work with individual hotel owners, campgrounds, large hotel chains, and Chambers of Commerce, so let's get started today.

Direct Mail Marketing
At DSL Marketing, we know how to captivate your target audience with print advertising that is dynamic, straightforward, and purposeful. And our print design and direct mail design always connects with the market segment you are looking to target, whether you are looking to increase bookings in Leisure, Food and Beverage, Group, or Business Transient. Combining energetic copy and bold imagery, we design direct mail pieces that will bring your brand to life and draw more business.

Printing Services
From internal forms to rack cards to key cards, DSL Marketing can handle all of your operational printing needs. We pride ourselves on being able to negotiate the best prices with quick turnarounds. We can design the pieces for you, then oversee the entire printing process, providing you with the finest quality around. With DSL Marketing, we can handle all of your needs under one roof.

Hotel Video Production
"Visibility is key for the travel industry. Be unique and creative with your advertising and use video to capture the attention of the online audience." -

Today's online shoppers are much savvier when it comes to online bookings, demanding an abundance of information before fully committing.

This is most true within the hotel and accommodation industry, where bookings have become dependent upon hoteliers providing sufficient online material.

Hotel videos are the best way to respond to this growing desire for information, providing online audiences with the rich media content they now search for.

  • Attractive, visual medium
  • Provides an authentic and realistic portrayal of your hotel or accommodation facility
  • Better scale of depth than photographs or virtual tour
  • Incites emotional impact
  • Captures a sustained level of attention and interest
  • Improves the 'stickiness' of a website
  • Bespoke videos made to match any brief or budget

DSL Marketing has partnered with the very best video production companies on the East coast to offer a dynamic, affordable service that will give your brand impact and the presence it needs to stand above the competition.

Is your Hotel Marketing not performing the way you want it to? Are you not getting the return on investment you were hoping for? If you answered yes to any of these questions please fill out our easy to use Contact Form or simply call 1-843-916-4544 and let DSL Marketing help you today.